TACK N°4 – NOSTALGIA : GREECE a country of memories

Rich in histories that constitute for many a huge part of History itself, Greece is undeniably one of the oldest civilizations of the world.
In the lands of Southeast Europe where they witnessed the birth of democracy you can discover the unforgettable stories that Greece has to offer.

In it’s capital, Athens, named after the goddess of war Athena you can be enraptured by the Acropole, the Pantheon, Erechtheion, the Propylaea and all of the other temples and edifices that were once the heart of the city of Athens. Behold the enormous and impressive stone ruins, that are over a millennium years old, these ruins that have known grec religions, the birth of christianisme, Judaism and Islam, the discovery of America, the french revolution, the philosophy Lumiéres, colonisation, world wars, the internet, the presedential election of Donald Trump in the US, Covid-19 and now us, wide eyed and gaping at these huge monuments that show us just how insignifficant we are and how they will surely outlive us.

Next up you should visit the Museum of Athens where you can find out how the ancient Greeks and Atheniens lived down to the minor details of their everyday lives in a world where Greece was the birthplace of Europe’s wisdom.
Discover greek culture that holds many mysteries that even today, historians are trying to uncover. You can see the many reconstructions of the capital that happened over three thousand years ago, the preserved graves, weapons and armour, sculptures… that will give you the impressions that you had in fact lived there yourself.

Then head off to the other side of the country to Delphi, a historical village that the Greeks considered to be the center of the world, that is surrounded by mountains. There you can visit the infamous ancient theater of Delphi and then the rest of the greek temples that were built long ago during antiquity with one of the temples being the Sanctuary of Apollo where at its center was Pythia,also known as the Oracle of Delphi, who would communicate with the Gods on behalf of the villagers who would seek her out once a year to ask for favours or
answers from the Gods.

Today all that is left of these places are ruins, animated solely by tourists, but they were once home to one of greatest Greek cities that ever existed, reminding us how time wipes out far more than just Mankind, because amidst all the chaos it’s life itself that’s swept away. After having discovered all these new things and the journey coming to an end, an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia will set in, memories of the journey to a land full of memories.

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