Translated by Maia Sefton

(trigger warning: sexual harassment)

Every single man evolves in a society that gives him the privilege to dominate and authorises even sometimes urges them to be dangerous for women to preserve the control they already have over them.

The simple fact of being a man lets them enjoy an impunity regarding sexual harassment and rape, it can even encorage it : It’s known as rape culture. Even a man who allies himself with feminism is sexist since he has integrated violent behaviors due to the patriarchy he was raised in. Not integrating actions that come from rape culture is virtually impossible due to the unavoidable male based culture, so it’s more important to focus on how the actions manifest themselves and not whether or not they exist.

That’s why it’s important to not make any exceptions: all men are concerned since they are all privileged within the patriarchal system- and they all need to hold themselves accountable for their bad habits and take responsibility for them so they stop happening.

We can’t forget that a rape isn’t necessarily violent, it’s also nagging someone into sex, taking their chance with someone while they’re asleep or drunk, using their love as blackmail, knowing that someone can’t say no or abusing their social status and power to coerce someone into sex.

This also brings to light a certain taboo: In 94% of cases the rapist is close to their victim. There is no way to spot a rapist so no way to anticipate sexual harassment; no particular physical trait, no job or attitude that would allow us to spot the danger. The rapist is a regular man that we know, have talked to, laughed with or gotten a coffee together. Nothing let’s us know that he would rape yet he does. Keeping an eye on man, all me, now seems extremely necessary. And it is a huge ask of women who are the ones who have to be “responsible” and on the lookout 24/7 for these pervs who are a minority – because it’s only a handful of “disturbed people”- but omnipresent nonetheless- because you have to be careful all the time, everywhere. “So how to stop men from raping?”.

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