By Bastien Silty and translated by Maia Sefton. During the past year we have had the chance to approach a great number of subjects, which include a huge number of independent video games.We studied these games by taking them out of the authors’ ludography. A ludography is a study of an author’s games as a whole. This year i will […]


Translated by Maia Sefton (trigger warning: sexual harassment) Every single man evolves in a society that gives him the privilege to dominate and authorises even sometimes urges them to be dangerous for women to preserve the control they already have over them. The simple fact of being a man lets them enjoy an impunity regarding sexual harassment and rape, it […]

TACK N°12 : Not all heroes wear capes

By Lino and translated by Maia Sefton. Do you need a cape, tights, red underwear and a sigil on your chest to be a superhero? If these clichĂ©s, imposed by the american comic book culture after the second world war, they’re nowadays a norm in everyone’s collective imagination for superheroes but they may no longer be beholden to that. A […]

TACK N°8 : Witches are still terrifying the patriarchy

Translated by Maia Sefton The witch hunts during the Renaissance led to around 100 000 executions in Europe, the victim being mostly old, poor rural women. Between 1560 and 1660, it’s a brutal repression especially along the Rhin, but women are guilty by nature for most catholics. The church strongly encourages the denunciation of Jewish women, who are supposedly the […]

TACK N°7 : PLOGOFF DES PIERRES CONTRE DES FUSILS – Plogoff, rocks against shotguns

By Heolruz and translated by Maia Sefton Generations correspond to the idea that a certain decade is represented by a group of people. We are talking about “generations” to represent our elders or musically speaking, the different decades represent different artists or music genres. “Generations” are even mentioned in the famous game Pokemon, all of these references are part of […]

TACK N°7 : Is video game consumption determined by age?

by Bastien Silty and translated by Maia Sefton No one consumes video games the same way. If today, I choose to focus on the emotions involved, the depth of the story and the characters, it wasn’t always the case.Today I’m going to find out if there are different ways to consume video games? I remember the first big game my […]

TACK N°6 : SUMMER IS CALLING : Which body for the summer ?

Wrote by Mayli and translated by Nolwenn. Always under the spotlight, the woman’s body doesn’t have to be functional, strong or healthy, but pretty. Muscles are necessary to seem toned, but they must not be too prominent, at the risk of not being perceived as a REAL woman. Appearances are far more important to women than it is to men, […]


by Bastien Silty and translated by Nolwenn. If this tweet from Siobhan Thompson is sarcastic and only partially true, it makes us see that depression holds a huge spot in video games. Rightfully so, because it plays a great part in the making of a game, and for very different reasons, wether if we study a Triple A (or AAA […]


By Heoluz and translated by Maia It’s hard to find a definition for the word work. In cinema but also in the world of art where it is especially difficult to associate the artist with the amount of work that goes into a piece. What I mean by the difficulty to define the word work is that we imagine the […]

TACK N°4 – NOSTALGIA : GREECE a country of memories

Rich in histories that constitute for many a huge part of History itself, Greece is undeniably one of the oldest civilizations of the world.In the lands of Southeast Europe where they witnessed the birth of democracy you can discover the unforgettable stories that Greece has to offer. In it’s capital, Athens, named after the goddess of war Athena you can […]

TACK N°3 – NATURE : Video games: The answer to the question about human ?

I would just like to warn everyone that there will be spoilers in this article and also trigger warning that there is mention of rape and assault in this article so if you are triggered by that i advise you click of this article. The Witness(2016) is a first person point of view game with no story, barely any action […]

TACK N°3 – NATURE : Animals don’t want to be artists

Animals don’t want to be artists. However they are often enslaved to entertain Men be it in water parks, circuses or bullfights. The abuse is obviously concealed from the spectators, nevertheless it’s still there, since it’s the only way to get the animals to do what we want them to. In circuses animal cruelty is everywhere. They’re crammed inside dark […]

TACK N°3 – NATURE : Princess Mononoke

A studio ghibli film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Critique by Heolruz / Translated by Maia Sefton I would like to start this paper off by disclosing my thought process and why I chose to present this film. First of all nature is one of the leading themes,it is as if you were to take a paint brush and dip it […]